Manweave Hands On Class $350:
*How to make a low cut manweave toupee.
*Select to make
Toupee Topper or Partial Toupee in class.
*Easiest way to fit the customer.
*How to shape it up into desired hairpiece.

Certificate Emailed After Class

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Manweave Toupee Class
Sundays 3:30pm-7:00pm (3.5 Hours)
In this class you will learn how to make the new
Manweave Toupee. The actual manweave can
be installed as well if they do not want a toupee form.
The Manweave Install last 3-4 weeks and is not
The Manweave Toupee last 4-6 months
and is reusable. With the Manweave Toupee you
can take it off as needed, so you can clean your
scalp etc. This is a very popular hairpiece for men;
however, women can wear toupee topper pieces
also. The toupee can be worn daily or weekly,
depending on type of adhesive used for install. Your
hair and supplies will be included in the supply kit.
Manweave Toupee Class
by Weave College
Call: 904-414-3998        Text: 904-327-1145        Email:
Manweave Topper Toupee
Manweave Partial Toupee
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Sunday Class Dates & Cities
5/5/2019 Baltimore MD
5/19/2019 Chicago IL
6/2/2019 Jacksonville Fl
6/23/2019 Savannah GA
7/14/2019 Memphis TN
7/28/2019 Atlanta GA
8/11/2019 Dallas TX
8/25/2019 Cleveland OH
9/8/2019 Washington DC
9/22/2019 Portland OR
10/6/2019 Seacaucus NJ
10/27/2019 Tampa FL
11/3/2019 San Francisco CA
12/1/2019 Mobile AL
12/14/2019 Port St Lucie FL
1/29/2020 Boston MA
2/9/2020 Houston TX
2/23/2020 Miami FL
3/8/2020 Charlotte NC
3/24/2020 Los Angeles CA
3/28/2019 Detroit MI
4/19/2020 New York NY