Be at The Top Of Your Game with
Lace Closure Sew-ins
Flawless Sew-in Hands On Class $300
Flawless Sew-in Class $300
Sundays 9:00am-12:30pm (3.5 Hours)
Flawless sew-ins are great for clients
with alopecia troubled hair or for normal
hair as a protective style.
-How to install lace closure sew-in with adhesive.
-How to install a lace closure sew-in without adhesive.
-Install an entire sew-in from beginning to end.
-Learn how to make your sew-in last a very long time
without hurting your client or stabbing your fingers.
-Learn proper stitching & connecting.
-Track cut method and fold over method.
-How to speed up your time without jeopardizing your work.
-Best braid pattern to use.

Certificate Emailed After Class

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Viral Youtube Video. A client of
mine wore her sew-in 2 years.
The video is shared to show just
how long my sew-ins last.
However, please be aware and
advised that sew-ins are only
recommended to be worn 3-4
months in order to grow your
hair. I will show and share with
you the same exact technique I
used on her, in class.
Flawless Sew-in Install Class
by Weave College
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Sunday Class Dates & Cities
5/5/2019 Baltimore MD
5/19/2019 Chicago IL
6/2/2019 Jacksonville Fl
6/23/2019 Savannah GA
7/14/2019 Memphis TN
7/28/2019 Atlanta GA
8/11/2019 Dallas TX
8/25/2019 Cleveland OH
9/8/2019 Washington DC
9/22/2019 Portland OR
10/6/2019 Seacaucus NJ
10/27/2019 Tampa FL
11/3/2019 San Francisco CA
12/1/2019 Mobile AL
12/14/2019 Port St Lucie FL
1/29/2020 Boston MA
2/9/2020 Houston TX
2/23/2020 Miami FL
3/8/2020 Charlotte NC
3/24/2020 Los Angeles CA
3/28/2019 Detroit MI
4/19/2020 New York NY