Cut & Style Class $300
Sundays 3:30pm-7:00pm (3.5 Hours)
Learn Hair Cutting & Hair Styling
Techniques by Weave College. My way of
doing things with hair cutting & styling
techniques you will actually understand.  
Hair Cutting & Hair Styling Class $300
*How To Use Marcel Irons (optional).
*How to clipper cut a Bob.
*How to razor cut a Bob.
*How to feather style a Bob.
*Pixie Cut Demonstration.
*How to do vintage waves.
*How to do C-Curls on Short Hair.
*When & How To Apply Product.

Certificate Emailed After Class

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Hair Cutting & Styling Class
by Weave College (3.5 hours)
Sundays 3:30pm-7:00pm
Call: 904-414-3998        Text: 904-327-1145        Email:
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Sunday Class Dates & Cities
5/5/2019 Baltimore MD
5/19/2019 Chicago IL
6/2/2019 Jacksonville Fl
6/23/2019 Savannah GA
7/14/2019 Memphis TN
7/28/2019 Atlanta GA
8/11/2019 Dallas TX
8/25/2019 Cleveland OH
9/8/2019 Washington DC
9/22/2019 Portland OR
10/6/2019 Seacaucus NJ
10/27/2019 Tampa FL
11/3/2019 San Francisco CA
12/1/2019 Mobile AL
12/14/2019 Port St Lucie FL
1/29/2020 Boston MA
2/9/2020 Houston TX
2/23/2020 Miami FL
3/8/2020 Charlotte NC
3/24/2020 Los Angeles CA
3/28/2019 Detroit MI
4/19/2020 New York NY