Custom Enclosed Wig Making with
Sewing Machine
Mondays 4:00pm-7:00pm (3.0 Hours)
Another great wig making class for
beginners. Learn how to make no lace
custom enclosed wefted wigs with the sewing
machine. In this class all weft hair is used.
The cheapest way to make wigs.
Hands On Class $350
-Learn how to fit.
-Sewing machine tutorial.
-Learn how to use a sewing machine.
-Learn how to make a Custom Enclosed Wig
with Weft Hair Only (No Lace).
-Add wig comb and band.
Stylists, Please wear stylist casual black attire.

Certificate Emailed After Class

What To Bring Listed On Sign Up Page

Tour City Address Locations Listed On Sign Up Page
Make Money From Home ~ This Class Is Open To The Public
(No License Needed For This Fun Class)
Custom Enclosed Wig Making Class
with Household Sewing Machine
by Weave College (3 hours)
Mondays 4:00pm-7:00pm
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Monday Class Dates & Cities
5/6/2019 Baltimore MD
5/20/2019 Chicago IL
6/3/2019 Jacksonville FL
6/24/2019 Savannah GA
7/15/2019 Memphis TN
7/29/2019 Atlanta GA
8/12/2019 Dallas TX
8/26/2019 Cleveland OH
9/9/2019 Washington DC
9/23/2019 Portland OR
10/7/2019 Seacaucus NJ
10/28/2019 Tampa FL
11/4/2019 San Francisco CA
12/2/2019 Mobile AL
12/15/2019 Port St Lucie FL
1/30/2020 Boston MA
2/10/2020 Houston TX
2/24/2020 Miami FL
3/9/2020 Charlotte NC
3/29/2020 Los Angeles CA
4/20/2020 Detroit MI