Weave College Wig Making Sewing Machine
TWC Deluxe
Wig Making Sewing Machine
by Weave College
Text: 904-414-3998     Email: WeaveCollege@yahoo.com
Machine Includes:
*FREE Video Library Link on Threading & Problem Solving.
Therefore, I am always with you!
*TWC Machine
*Foot Pedal
*Power Cord
*Large Spool
*Large Wig Making Thread
*Vinyl Machine Cover
*Seam Ripper
*Extra bobbins
*Extra needles
*Machine Manual
Machine Dimensions 13x5.5x10. Machine Weight 14 lbs.

Shipping to you is no charge; Please purchase your machine at least 7 days in
advance to allow proper time to receive your machine for class; However,
WC can bring to class for you. The travel fee to bring for you is an additional $45.

The machine operation & threading tutorial will be on this machine. If a different
machine type is brought to class, you will need to know how to thread it. We
cannot do numerous sewing machine tutorials in our group workshop sessions for
all different kinds of machines.
The Weave College Wig Making Sewing Machine is Compact &
Powerful with a heavy duty motor. You can make wigs on the spot
fitting into any space. This is our recommended machine to make
wig making simple. You will be able to follow along easily in the
group setting using our machine. The motor is better than most
mid-sized machines. It has several zig zag options and a sewing
speed of 650rpm. Our machine is aluminum inside & plastic
outside. Another cool feature is the built-in hand wheel clutch.
Weave College Sewing Machine
is the recommended Sewing Machine for the best
Wig Making Experience. It has several zigzag options.
NOTE: Operation & Threading Tutorial will be on the Weave College Sewing Machine.
If you opt bring in a different machine, you will need to know how to operate it & thread it.